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More coming later.

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Call Nagisa's cell phone here. The one she talks on (which she apparently has now, although she didn't have her own in canon), not the one she transforms with.
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I should probably be getting tired of turning the same age every year over and over again and still getting socks for my birthday.

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Ughhhhhhhhh. Another school year. Sometimes I wonder, should we just... leave? Like, run away to some other world?

No, wait. Our friends and families would miss us. And besides, maybe some enemy might show up. And I'd miss Akane-san's takoyaki and weekly DaiFighter episodes.

What do you guys think?
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Grad is always really awkward, you know? You can't really believe all the speeches about your future when you know you're all just looping back to last year again. This sucks! What do I have to do to...

...That's a thought. Maybe we do have to do something different to break the time loop. What does everyone think?

You can answer even if you're not a Precure. I just wanna know.
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Worst birthday ever.
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Dear community:

Thanks for the free food.

Double chocolate cookies shouldn't taste like powdered milk, though. Eww.

And since when does a butter cookie taste like an actual stick of butter?

Love, but only sometimes, like when you gave me a lifetime supply of chocolate that actually tasted like real chocolate, because it was, not like these,

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This is officially the weirdest thing I've found of myself.

Since when did I ever go around in a corset and heels anyway?
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So I was looking up some things because some people actually like the drawings out there on the internet about them and I thought it was kind of disturbing so I wanted to find something weird so they would know how it feels, but, uh...

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Why me?
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I failed this same test last year and the year before that, and I still didn't get a good mark this time around! You'd think being stuck in a time loop would make your grades better, but I guess I don't have any luck... I can't believe this.
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Nagisa had offered her world for one reason: it didn't suck and nobody was going to get killed. What? That was two reasons? They were the same thing as far as she was concerned. She gathered the rest of the girls in the park, sort of wondering what she was doing. But hey, they were all friends now, right?

"Welcome to Earth! Or the Garden of Rainbows, I guess, or... I think it's called a lot of different things." She rubbed the back of her head.
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I cant believe this.
I really cant believe this.
Cant we get a redo or something? I had a game tomorrow and now we cant play because we kind of BLEW UP THE WORLD.
If we have to play, cant we go back in time and decide to put this off until just before finals?
Or something?
Does that even work that way?


Oct. 10th, 2011 12:13 pm
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When I said "don't get me socks for my birthday", I didn't mean "give us all a virus that makes everything a total mess"!

I can't believe this. I can't believe this. I can't believe this!


My life...
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I might have encouraged someone to throw her life away just because I thought her world worked like mine does.
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Stupid virus. Why now?

Well... it's probably cutting off all the other worlds from what's going on, so we don't have to deal with something like the time with the akuma. So it's probably a good thing. But...

i need help
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A bunch of weird stuff is happening, and it's probably just going to get worse from here on, so I should start warning you guys now.

Everyone, be careful. Everyone. My world is starting to spill over into the Garden of Light and the other way around, or something like that. I don't know if this is gonna carry over into other worlds or what, but just watch out.

Hikari disappeared. She went into the Tako Cafe van and got sucked into the fridge or something. I know it sounds stupid, but it's true. It doesn't look like those Dusk Zone guys kidnapped her, but they're still acting like they know what happened to her. Something's definitely wrong.

I'll keep you guys updated over the next few days. If something happens to me, Karen, take over. If something happens to her, too, I trust Minako-senpai to handle everything from there.

...Geez, I can't believe I'm saying this! It's gonna be fine.

But... guys, if you see something weird in the sky or anything like that, tell me as soon as you can.
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Dear world,

I do not want socks for my birthday this year.

Who wants socks for their birthday?

Not me.




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